Veriday Supporting Canada’s Digital Growth

Dinh Tran / July 14th, 2022

A while back, Veriday was connected to an opportunity to support a Canadian Federal Agency who requires a systems integration solution. Recent legislation has imposed a fixed timescale for implementation. While we are still in the early stages, this is an exciting opportunity for Veriday. As a Canadian company, we have the opportunity to partner with this agency to help them transition to a digital application from a manual process for receiving customer feedback, and has the potential to have impact on a national scale.

The initial systems integration challenge is really the tip of the iceberg. The discovery phase revealed that the agency has over 180 applications built with various technologies that require an enterprise solution that will migrate applications onto a single platform to coordinate, streamline, and standardize their processes. The customer feedback application development will be an important testing ground to determine a digital architecture that will meet their enterprise technology requirements. This is hopefully the beginning of a long-term partnership that will set the agency on a course for digital transformation.

Although the initial proof of concept demonstration went well and the agency was eager to move forward, as is often the case with government contracts, procurement and vendor protocol restrictions kept us from forging ahead. Rather than allowing this obstacle to halt our progress, we applied some tenacity and creative problem-solving to find a workaround to salvage the deal, and find a meaningful solution that will help them achieve their goal. Although adding new vendors wasn’t going to work, we learned that multiple platforms with which Veriday solutions integrate are approved vendors. We’ve been able to regroup and demo proof of concept for one and will move forward with the other after security clearance. The agency will then be able to choose which platform best suits their digital standardization targets. 

Ultimately, the most exciting aspect of this partnership is the opportunity to be on the front line of accelerating Canada’s digital transformation.

Our next step is to work with them to establish production environments to create go-to-market solutions that meet their compliance and security requirements, and empower their digital ambitions so we can help them launch more than just an app. For us, success would be not only helping them meet the app release deadline, but also helping them select a platform that will enable them to update and transition applications to a single platform where they can meaningfully connect and improve user experience and engagement.

Ultimately, the most exciting aspect of this partnership is the opportunity to be on the front line of accelerating Canada’s digital transformation. Although Canada routinely scores well in digital experience, we fell from third to 28th in global ranking according to the UN E-Government Survey between 2010 and 2020. Replacing manual processes with digital solutions is an important phase and we are aiming to keep pace among digital nations. Veriday is proud to be part of this journey and we are looking forward to what we can build together.

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