Maintaining Ties – Our Longstanding Partnership with Best Buy

Nick Quach/ August 10th, 2022

    It’s easy in the fastpaced worlds of tech solutions and professional consulting services to think of client relationships as being bound by time or the scope of a particular project. The truth of the matter is, digital transformation is often a journey, not a destination, and objectives and relationships both inevitably grow and evolve over time. That has most certainly been the case in Veriday’s longstanding partnership with Best Buy.

     Veriday was initially connected to Best Buy through our partnership with Liferay as Best Buy had been a customer of theirs for many years, first for corporate communications and later for vendor management, which is the team we continue to work with today. Since they were already using the Liferay platform, what we offered was the expertise and resources to help ensure that their investment is paying off and they are using the platform to its fullest potential. This was especially important in light of an internal reorganization where operations shifted from a project-based structure to one that is a DevOps product-based structure. 

     Organizations like Best Buy moving toward product-based DevOps models and away from project-based, affirms their commitment to long-term investment in expertise and is unlocking enormous potential for companies like ours. At Veriday, we pride ourselves on the ability to sustain long-term client relationships built on mutual trust that evolve and continue to add value over time.

 Through our partnership, Veriday has become part of the team at Best Buy.

    To start, a significant shift like this required new training for the team at Best Buy, and as the only Liferay training partner in North America, Veriday was able to step in to help. I spent two weeks with the crew at Best Buy, taking them through the formal training curriculum and meeting with managers and product owners to learn more about the challenges they were facing in their journey to digital transformation. Those conversations segued into a wider assessment of their merchandising and tech team needs. And then COVID hit.

    What began as a three-month plan has stretched into three years as Best Buy, like all retailers, has had to weather the storm during the pandemic and altered course in some of their planning and priorities as a result. During that time, we had the chance to build trust with the Best Buy team, and we continue to evolve our strategy and capacities as those also changed over time. Now we work on three of Best Buy’s product groups and are always exploring different ways we can offer our support.

    Through our partnership, Veriday has become part of the team at Best Buy. We’ve worked to build a culture that does not differentiate between “us” and “them,” and we have helped elevate the effectiveness and engagement of our team within the company. Our goal is to continue to be part of the Best Buy team and maintain currency for all of the capabilities we provide, making sure they have the best and most up-to-date solutions to sustain and grow their business. We look forward to continuing to build together.

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