It’s time to reconnect.


Experience rewards that reach beyond just increasing productivity and profitability. Motivate your employees by supporting work/life balance and inspiring them to accomplish their best.


An Off-the-Shelf solution for your most important assets.
Your people.

Common Mission

Unite around what you do best

Keep your team motivated with tools that empower you to achieve your goals and work together with shared purpose.

Open Communications

Your voice is valued

Stay connected through dynamic communications solutions that enable you to be in constant contact and accomplish your most pressing objectives, whether your team is near or far.

Agile Workspace

Flexibility that keeps pace with the speed of life

Embolden your team by delivering the flexibility they need to produce their best, saving them time and providing a safe space where they can work from anywhere.

Collective Success

Teamwork makes the dream work

Energize your team and celebrate your achievements together through the infinitely adaptable solutions facilitated by Workplace OTS.

Studies show companies lose $500 billion in lost productivity each year.1

North America is losing talent due to a lack of employee engagement. 74% of workers say that employers do not give them access to the latest technology to help them do their job more effectively and efficiently2, but 87% of CIOs believe digitally empowering employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over three years.3 It’s time to make a change.


Billion in lost productivity


of workers say they can improve efficiency with better technology


of CIO’s link growth to tech solutions

Technology Tailored to YOU.

Are you empowering communication cross-functionally? Workplace Off the Shelf® gives Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate Communications and leadership teams the opportunity to communicate with their employee population in the most effective way through four key priorities:

  • Communications

    Encouraged by features including web, chat, video conferencing, messaging, and layout personalization.

  • Workforce

    Enhanced by task management workflows, skills training, and more.

  • Knowledge

    Elevated through intranet tools including a resource library, shared documents, forms, and knowledge sharing.

  • Enterprise

    Empowered by a single sign-on system and enterprise analytics tailored to your organizational needs.

TEAM Assessment

Gain insight into your team’s effectiveness with current digital workplace setups. Whether it’s tools, HR, employee access or management oversight, there’s something to be learned for everyone!

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