Efficient, comprehensive testing with specialized expertise

Testing As a Service (TaaS) is a systematic approach to ensure the developed product meets the highest level of quality standards. TaaS testing is the process of evaluating a system or its components to check with or not it meets specified requirements. To put it simply, TaaS is the execution of a sequence of actions by an outsourced group of experts to identify gaps, errors, and bugs that conflict with requirements and expectations.

Reduced Cost

Full coverage for your testing needs – functional, automated, performance, and more – without increasing employee demands.


Your in-house IT teams can bring new value rather than constantly testing existing solutions.

Less Bias

Veriday testers remain objective and approach testing without influence.


Testing needs are met, whether long or short term, and agreements are easily adjusted.


Veriday will grow with your goals, so the TaaS you know and like can stay on board throughout scope variability.

Time Savings

TaaS provides automated testing when necessary to replace manual processes.


Why is Testing As a Service so important?

Software quality and functionality expectations are rising rapidly, and companies are constantly aiming to release top-of-the-line software quickly. Additionally, quality requirements are increasing in highly-regulated environments. Your team has worked hard to create its next big app, but the reality is that you’re likely experiencing limited resources and manual processes. External experts are vital to analyzing your goals and real-world scenarios with a “fresh set of eyes” while applying them to a proven, streamlined testing process.

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TaaS among various systems

Testing as a Service (TaaS) streamlines the evaluation of web platforms including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. This strategy allows companies to offload testing procedures to dedicated providers, facilitating thorough assessments of browser features and interactions. Through TaaS, these web browsers can be rigorously tested in various scenarios, guaranteeing optimal functionality and user satisfaction.

In the realm of responsive design, Testing as a Service (TaaS) is essential. TaaS verifies that websites and applications flexibly adapt to diverse devices, offering a reliable way to evaluate user interactions, content presentation, and overall functionality across various screen sizes.

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is seamlessly integrated with programming languages like Java, .NET, JavaScript and more, ensuring robust code quality and functionality. TaaS provides a standardized approach to test automation, facilitating thorough assessments of applications written in these languages and enabling developers to identify and rectify issues more efficiently.

For technology platforms like Redhat, Liferay, and Entando and many others, Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a critical component. TaaS provides a structured process to rigorously assess the features and capabilities of these platforms, guaranteeing consistent performance and optimal user experiences in real-world scenarios.             


TaaS reports:

What we deliver:

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Automation Feasibility Report (if applicable)

Test plan / strategy document

Effort estimation document

Test cases / scripts / data / metrics

Environment ready with test data set up

Smoke test results

Defect report(s)

Test closure report

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