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Chris has over 20 years of experience applying leading-edge technologies in numerous industry contexts, with particularly robust expertise in wealth management and financial services. He is a regulatory expert and brings an eye for innovation to support your digital transformation goals.

Chris Lamoureux
Chief Operations Officer at Veriday

Tim has 10+ years working in wealth management, banking and insurance, helping companies grow their cusomter bases through innovation banking, mar tech and reg tech solutions. “Customer experience begins at acquisition, and we are experts in facilitating seamless digital encounters.

Tim Merrill
Senior Account Manager


Intuitive insights that put your agents and clients in control

The future of financial is here. Digital trends have accelerated in recent years. Gone are the days of regularly engaging in-person. Clients need easy access to a digital experience that is as engaging, intuitive, and efficient as possible. Agents need information at their fingertips, enabling easy access to analytics that empower them to better support their clients. Veriday’s team of experts will help you evaluate your processes and platforms and deliver results that will help your company maintain security, privacy, and compliance, engage clients, and empower agents through easy-to-use, customized solutions.

Client Portal:

Increase ROI and customer satisfaction by empowering your clients through unifying touch points and providing self-service options that allow them to access their financial records, move money, invest, project, and much more across all platforms through our omni channel solutions.

Agent Portal:

Give your agents a birds eye view of clients’ financial well-being by putting critical information at their fingertips. Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction, all while maintaining compliance with our intuitive, omni channel solution.

Our award-winning Digital Agent platform puts essential information at your fingertips, increasing productivity, and empowering agents to provide data-driven, customized customer experiences.

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EX is the new CX. Veriday’s Workplace Off The Shelf provides a seamless employee experience, leveraging your existing technology to provide a single-sign-on solution that streamlines communication, facilitates collaboration, improves efficiency, and elevates employee engagement through micro-fronted architecture that is greater than the sum of its applications.

Data Analytics:

Analytics and data validation provide agents with trustworthy snapshots of client financail portfolios to help agents better meet their needs and help them plan, spend, and invest better. Get IOT options, and be on the frontline of AI solutions that bolster investment profiles and blockchain support.

Reg Tech:

Digitize governance to support compliance through our innovative regulatory solutions.

Case Studies


of consumers now prefer internet banking, up from 49% pre-COVID.

— (Source: World Retail banking Report 2020)

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