Rahab’s Daughters

Rahab’s Daughters is committed to education, outreach, and action. Through your generosity we provide vocational training options, safe houses and prevention and counseling.


Calls made to offer assistance


Texts deployed to offer assistance


Outreach location accuracy


Volunteer adoption

Solutions Used

Management Consulting

Data Integration

Application Management

Data Science


Approaching the crisis from a multitude of issue areas.

Before their digital transformation, Rahab’s Daughters completed all their work manually. This consisted of spreadsheets, CRM systems, and commuting to multiple locations. Volunteers went through ads, manually scraping and adding them to spreadsheets and CRM systems. This process was time-consuming, inaccurate, and inefficient. Information acquired through ads led to staff and volunteer deployment to various locations based on deductive reasoning and incomplete information rather than data-driven determinations. This not only made it difficult to find people who needed their help but potentially put staff and volunteers in harm’s way. Without data insights, Rahab’s Daughters was faced with a true needle in a haystack situation as they endeavored to rescue victims.


We love the solution & love that it’s extensible and we look forward to the solution growing as we here at Rahab’s Daughters grow.

Dr. Denardo Ramos

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