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Our professional service expertise was required to provide Sompo International with a customer claims portal. Soon after portal implementation Veriday set out to build a strong foundation for Sompo International for them to be able to leverage a flexible platform and allow for Veriday’s expertise for further enhancements.


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Building a Risk Management Portal.

This platform needed to improve the efficiency of the claims process from email, phone, and mail. Unfortunately, this project had two false starts with consultants who were brought in and subsequently abandoned it. Therefore, little advancement in the portal’s development was made over the course of a year prior to Veriday’s arrival. This lack of production put more pressure on delivery due to shortened timelines. The platform was envisioned to extend beyond the claims processes, and have it become the foundational platform for all other solutions, assets, and communications.


Thinking inside and outside the box

Veriday was able to leverage a lot of the out-of-the-box functionality of the Liferay DXP platform that Sompo (previously Endurance) had already acquired to quickly deliver the required portal. Despite the tight timelines the initial version was delivered in 4 months.

The initial release of the platform transformed the outdated and slow claims processes that relied on phone calls and emails, to now being entirely on the portal. In addition to the claims process capabilities, the portal gives users access to a variety of information and communications like policy sheets, inspection follow-ups, best practice recommendations, tools, and more.


Long-term success

Sompo’s Risk Management Portal increase in claim processing times, user adoption, client satisfaction. The release of the Risk Management portal for Sompo International was successful. Due to the improvement in the user experience and the enhancement of the outdated processes, the portal users now heavily rely on the portal for the insurance claims processes. Sompo is very pleased with the platform built for them using Liferay and following poor experiences with other consultants, now are comfortable with having a long-term partnership with Veriday.

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