Keep Up With The Demand For Content: Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Financial Services

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Attendees will take away:

• Digital Marketing trends impacting client behaviors in the financial industry.

• The effective Content Mix to meet your client and prospects’ needs at every step of their journey.

• Best practices and strategies to deliver those different content pieces.

The common saying “Content is King” has been made more true in the Digital Age.

Unfortunately, Financial Institutions and Financial Advisors are challenged with breaking through the noise and generating client-focused content to engage and retain clients, all while ensuring adherence to firm and governmental compliance requirements. “I don’t have time to create content.” “I don’t know what content to create.” “Supporting my existing clients means I have no time to look for new ones.” “I have a strong book of business, why do I need content?”

Join us for our upcoming panel hosted by Marie Swift from Impact Communications. Veriday and its partners, Fresh Finance, and UpContent to discuss how financial firms and their advisors can meet the demand for content with an effective content marketing mix that ultimately drives towards lead generation and client retention.


Chris Lamoureux

Chief Operations Officer

Veriday Inc.

Teresa Leno

Founder and Owner

Fresh Finance LLC

Scott Rogerson

Chief Executive Officer


Marie Swift

President and CEO

Impact Communications