Ensuring Quality Excellence: How Process Mining Enhances Manufacturing Quality Control

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We all know the phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” While it is usually used in relation to individual productivity, there is no doubt that technology has enabled execution of “smarter” work in nearly every industry imaginable. The rapid shift to work from home, and hybrid that is here to stay for most people, required deployment of technologies to facilitate communication, compliance, quality assurance, supply chain management, and countless other business processes in ways they never had been before. 

As we embrace new ways of doing business, we all want to find ways to work faster and better than ever. Process mining is an invaluable tool in the quest to optimize operations and business processes, and ensure quality excellence. This is especially true in manufacturing.

Evaluating Inefficiencies 

Success in manufacturing relies on execution of complex supply chains, moving components and products across the globe based on forecasted demand. Lots of factors can influence whether predictions are reliable and deliverable. In the past several years we’ve seen everything from the pandemic, to a ship blocking the Suez Canal cause global disruptions to the supply chain. While mitigating unpredictable world events is a collective challenge, it also sheds light optimizing what we can control. 

Process mining solutions help companies evaluate current workflows through visualization of business processes making it easier to identify where bottlenecks may exist. Being able to clearly see where inefficiencies exist within your organization is vital to developing and implementing corrective actions. 

As I reflect on the past, I can’t help but consider how we might approach things slightly differently now. Some years ago we worked with a leading German car manufacturer that was facing an issue of unsold inventory sitting in dealer lots for too long. While we successfully implemented a solution which now helps them accurately allocate inventory, looking back I see an even greater opportunity. Incorporating process mining would enhance the deployment many folds as it acts like a magnifying glass, offering detailed view of workflows. 

Our goal is to collaborate and continuously improve and sometimes hindsight provides a unique perspective. Combining the strengths of both the solutions deployed and process mining, an even more robust solution with streamlined processes could be created.  

Optimizing Outcomes

Through the insights provided by process mining evaluation, manufacturing leaders can break down business silos and implement new processes. These solutions also provide continuous improvement opportunities by enabling real-time monitoring of historical data, letting you adjust as you go and consistently assess ROI. 

Connecting siloed data, improving accuracy and streamlining processes were central to solutions deployed by Veriday partner Appian, with key manufacturing customers. In the case of a leading elevator manufacturing company, process variation and the inability to view data in real time were impacting multiple departments. They needed to harmonize processes, tools and information sharing. With Appian’s Business Process Management, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation capabilities, orchestrate information flow across departments between people and systems.

Another customer, a large trucking and leasing company, similarly had clunky, manual paper intensive processes that were impacting their client communication and performance of rental locations. They were looking to meet regulations and have a complete digital history of transactions. With Appian they were able to create a system which helped them retrieve necessary documentation on demand and share it with customers and staff.  Their rental transaction times improved by 50% and improved their CSAT scores by 10X.

How Veriday can help

At Veriday, our industry expertise and longstanding partnerships uniquely position us to assess and provide insights to address he specific challenges your company faces. We have the tools and resources to respond at scale, and ensure quality assurance is integrated into any solution we implement. 

With the added expertise of our partner and process mining leader Appian, Veriday is better prepared than ever to evaluate your needs holistically and develop sustainable solutions that will empower your success and enable you to continuously improve quality control. 

Connect with me at [email protected] if you have any questions on how Veriday can help.

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