Transforming Digital Experience & Its People: June MSKO Overview

Indira Ramos / June 29th, 2022

Another successful Marketing and Sales Kickoff (MSKO) event took place earlier this month, but this one had a very special twist. MSKO is a quarterly event dedicated to advancing the dynamic and knowledge of these teams. Unlike our previous MSKOs these past few years, this one brought our entire Veriday Sales and Marketing teams together in-person for the first time since COVID-19. This served as a treasured opportunity for existing and new team members to connect face-to-face for a day filled with beneficially challenging and fun sessions.

The day started off by putting the art skills of these employees to the test with an activity focused on getting to know each other. We asked everyone to create a family crest, with each quadrant of the crest focusing on a prompt that they had to explain through drawings. This allowed each of them to take time to dive into who they are and what they value, while also learning this about their fellow co-workers. For a team to work cohesively, companies have to provide opportunities for their employees to build strong team dynamics. Something that can be challenging to do in both online and face-to-face settings. This project provided an impactful in-person bonding experience that brought the team closer, advancing their individual understandings of the people they collaborate with each day.

As the day went on, the activities shifted from learning about each other, to developing a deeper understanding of our company, products, and customers. One activity which offered this advancement of knowledge was our Pitch Tank simulation. This consisted of dividing up into smaller teams to pitch our products to the employees of pretend companies who were facing digital transformation obstacles.

companies have to provide opportunities for their employees to build strong team dynamics

These teams had a limited amount of time to learn about the company, what they were needing, and come up with a presentation that proved not only that our offerings would meet their needs, but that our employees were experts in this area. To make things a bit more challenging, our employees actually pitched to Veriday’s C-Suite, who took on the personas of employees in the imaginary company. It was an activity that required quick thinking, focus, previous knowledge, and teamwork. And many of our Sales and Marketing team members walked away saying it challenged them in the right ways, showing them where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and what they could do to be more effective in their roles moving forward.

At Veriday, we understand the importance of investing in our employees, and the vital role that plays in the overall success of our company. That is why MSKO is just one example of the ways we put aside time to build up the people who make up our company, and work to ensure they have the resources and skills they need to excel in their roles. If you’re looking to work for a company that equips you with the tools you need to succeed, Veriday might be the place for you. Visit our Careers Page to see if there’s a fit for you, and start the process of joining a company that focuses on transforming both digital experience and its people.

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