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Licensed Library for Thought Leaders

Power your digital marketing channels with a library of premium industry content to help you educate your clients and position you as their trusted expert.

Industry Experts

Our content library is created by a team of industry experts that understand the market and client needs. Gain access to content that meets business demands and will breeze through compliance.

Always Up to Date

The world is everchanging which means that your content should too. This is why the large library of content is updated monthly with a variety of topics.  Deliver to your clients the latest content without fear of old or mass used articles.

Enterprise Customization

Our Content Team works with enterprise marketing teams to establish an individualized content strategy to meet the needs of their agents. Ensure your content library is tailored and will only be used by your agents.

What is DA Library?

DA Library provides agents with a full suite of articles to help ‘take the pressure off’ on creating compliant content. We write new articles each month and uses them only once for a maximum. Additionally, we submit directly to your compliance department for brand and regulatory approval.

Provide Content Variety

Different clients prefer to engage with the subjects that are related to their needs. This is why the DA Library is updated monthly with content that includes: News, Advices, Lifestyle, Education, Different life stage content, white papers, etc.

Content Ecosystem

Put your agent’s digital presence at the center of your efforts. Advisors can utilize licensed content, create, and share branded content, and curate third-party content to improve engagement and conversions. Easily achieve a powerful content marketing strategy within the leading agent marketing platform, Digital Agent.

Streamline Your Content Pipeline

Enable your team to easily access approved articles in the areas that will drive client engagement directly within Digital Agent. Providing a simple, consistent, interface for your team to optimize their content mix.

Expand Beyond Curation

Content Curation is just the beginning. The Digital Agent platform has a full suite of services and tools to add digital channels that are critical to advisors’ success. Make it easy for advisors to attract prospects and nurture client across websites, social media, email, and more.






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