Investing in the Growth and Development of Advisors

Looking to get the most out of your online presence but don’t know the difference between SEO, CPM, and CPC? With Digital Institute, financial service advisors can invest in a digital marketing training program and to grow their digital marketing skills and stay up to date with new trends and tactics.

What is Digital Institute?

Digital Institute is a comprehensive, self-paced, digital marketing education program, developed by Veriday to offer financial advisors the skills necessary to increase their digital marketing literacy. The program features teaching materials delivered by digital marketing experts and professionals with experience working directly with advisors and financial services enterprises.

The curriculum features:

•  Includes eight lessons covering everything from website design, content marketing, social media, blogging, email marketing, calls to action, mobile strategy, SEO, target marketing and more.

•  Lessons that consist of two 30-minute videos to deliver the core concepts.

•  Work designed to assist your practice every step of the way.

•  A host of learning options designed to help advisors and financial service organizations get started with and accelerate their Digital Marketing.

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Growing Curriculum

Weekly Course Reminders

Video Explanations

Lab Exercises

Digital Marketing Curriculum

All of the background and questions Advisors and Enterprises need answered before getting started with digital marketing

Live Webinars with Q&A

Ongoing series of webinars that deliver valuable insights on various topics of digital marketing. Includes live Q&A

Digital Marketing Curriculum

All of the background and questions Advisors and Enterprises need answered before getting started with Digital Agent


Resource library of ebooks that provide valuable insights, tips and advice on various topics of digital marketing

Recorded Webinars

If you can’t make it to the live show, customers can access the recorded webinar online

A Syllabus of Essential Digital Marketing Concepts

The Digital Marketing introduction course, created by marketing experts, covering core digital marketing topics. With 6 modules, the course breaks down each into detail with examples and resources directly related to financial marketing. There are instructional videos plus slideshow presentations, articles, quizzes and more!

Practical Lab Activities for Easy Application

Each lesson in the digital marketing course contains lab activities. Labs allow students to apply the new-found knowledge to their practices with the use of worksheets, checklists, persona and content calendar templates.

A Financial Marketing-Centred Approach

Digital Institute is designed with financial marketing in mind. Its goal is to relate to financial advisors’ business objectives, everyday experiences and challenges. No matter the background in digital marketing, students will get value from course content.

Digital Institute

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