The Significance of Consistency

      BIO_Jordan Jordan Young / March 18, 2019

Through my numerous years working at Veriday, specifically centred around the Digital Agent platform, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of our clients and their end-users. I’ve encountered many different types of client personalities, from those who were born digitally tech-savvy, to those who would rather set it and forget it. But through these different experiences and personality types, one word applies to successfully dealing with any customer: consistency.

In real estate, you often hear the expression that the key to success is Location, Location, Location. A similar expression can be applied when it comes to delivering picture-perfect customer experience; Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

These four elements showcase the significance of consistency:

Consistent Product Experience:

A user’s expectation of our platform is that it must achieve their goals in a consistent manner. That might mean limited bugs, limited downtime, etc. but no matter how good your customer service is, if the product does not run consistently well, the client is going to seek solutions elsewhere.

Consistent Service Experience:

Whether providing first or second line support, the service experience of your clients should be consistent. You should strive to provide the same level of service no matter the size or value of that client. One way to stay on top of all of your client’s needs is to hold weekly, monthly, and quarterly governance meetings with them to ensure you are tackling all priority items. This is also an excellent way to keep your client informed of upcoming roadmap items.

Consistent Communication Experience:

When communicating with our customers, I’ve learned that interactions have changed through the digital revolution. Customers’ preferred method of contact have gradually transformed from exclusively phone calls to a mix of emails and calls. Both communication channels have their advantages and no matter which one the customer prefers, you must strive to deliver the same customer experience throughout.

Consistent Positive Experience:

Finally, a positive attitude and effort from your employees is something that should be consistent. If you create a positive work environment for your employees, that positivity will rub off on your clients. Soon it won’t matter who in the organization speaks to your customers, they will be getting the same positive experience. This often leads to client testimonials such as “They [the organization not just an individual employee] were so helpful!”. Receiving this kind of testimonial from a client will be very impactful to attracting perspective clients as it will show the positive relationship that is fostered at every stage rather than only positive with a single sales person and no one else. 

Remember, delivering a consistent experience can often lead to very loyal customers. The client will view you as a company that can meet all of their wants and needs.

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