Top 6 Most Prominent Features For Veriday’s Digital Agent

Ankit Madhok / November 9th, 2021

Digital Agent, the largest agent marketing platform in the Canadian market has landed in the US market. We are happy to bring you this short but sweet blog post about our top six most prominent features of Digital Agent.

The problem with other platforms is that they are templated, creating a non-personalized website for agents’ and agents’ customers. When websites are templated you cannot edit and fine-tune to change the look and feel of the site. Personalization is having a brand where all your agencies can engage people and do one-on-one personalization.

Website Editor: The Drag and Drop

Our Drag and Drop editor takes the pain out of updating agent websites. It’s about standing out and being able to reach out digitally through campaigns on an agent’s website, social or email. Any website updates need to be simple for all agents and enterprises. Just like dragging images on your desktop, advisors can drag and drop pre-built widgets to get their website up in just a few hours! Before you know it, you’ll have a fully functioning website that looks amazing. Create the experience without any codes and get back to serving clients while easily increasing your book of business.

Content Library: Fully Stocked and Updated

No time to write content? Don’t worry, we thought about that and did that for you, too! Choose from hundreds of articles updated monthly and publish them on your website. Both save time, money, and stress, and below is how we categorize them.

DA Library

DA Library provides agents with a full suite of articles to help take off the pressure by creating compliant content. We write new articles each month and use them only once for a maximum. Additionally, we submit directly to your compliance department for brand and regulatory approval. Do you want to stand out by referencing articles not everyone has access to? Or would you rather source the latest economic commentary from mainstream publishers?

DA Curate 

DA Curate empowers financial advisors to deepen relationships and drive revenue through curated content. Seamlessly integrate curated articles into newsletters, web pages, and social media with personalized calls to action. DA Curate allows agents to select timely articles and then share them with an audience chosen by agents.

In our content library, there’s something for everyone and anyone. Through our content curation partnerships, we source millions of articles from the internet that are fully compliant with SEC and FINRA regulations. Our content library engages and supports agents by enhancing the client journey process from beginning to end. This is your chance to streamline content out and differentiate from the competitors. Engage with your clientele about more esoteric topics like investing in art, luxury wine, golf, or anything else they enjoy!

The End of Agent Marketing Stress is Here

Personalization at Scale: Code Manipulator

Using the code manipulator, advisors, brokers, and enterprises can customize their websites on top of predefined templates to be personalized to them. Every advisor is unique and thus their digital presence is as well. Digital experiences that drive and build agents’ online brand and reputation are key to succeed long term within the insurance and wealth industry.

The code manipulator replaces having to consistently go after the website management teams to change writing or images on your website. If everyone can use a code manipulator, they can easily access and make any changes to a .css file when collaborating with engineers or developers or building out their designs. Not only does having a code manipulator allow you to make these changes, but the code is presented in a simple way that minimizes the chance of introducing errors into the file.

Analytics: Useable Data Points

We understand that advisors and brokers don’t have the time to analyze data, and they aren’t digital marketing professionals. Our analytics don’t just give agents numbers on a page that are hard to understand, but they give the backstory the data is trying to convey to users. Our out of the box analytics within Digital Agent keeps it simple and to the point, focusing on four main areas:

a) Reach: What has been the audience reach and impact of the website?

b) Engagement: How many visitors engaged with the website? What did they like?

c) Conversion: How many leads were converted in terms of form submissions, mail subscriptions, etc.?

d) Compliance: Gives the advisor an overview of the status of items approved or rejected by compliance.

Examine and track performance with easy-to-use and consume data on the areas agents care about most.

Email Campaign Manager: Campaign Creation Wizard

Engaging with the audience beyond just a website is important. The Campaign Creation Wizard makes embedding articles into their emails and newsletters, simple. In a few clicks, advisors and enterprise marketers can leverage blog articles and updates on the website to be embedded right into their email campaigns. This saves a lot of time.

Additionally, the ability to segment an audience and then send them related content specific to them is invaluable. Building trust and credibility with your audience is done through personalization and specified content. Create an individualistic experience to cater to everyone through segmentation. We took the time so that you wouldn’t have to. 

Compliance Flow: Time Saver & Efficiency Provider

We have a built-in, easy-to-use compliance flow tool inside Digital Agent making compliance easy with the click of a button. All agents can submit content to your compliance team with an automated inbuilt compliance flow. Eliminate traditional and slow-moving email-based compliance processes.

In addition to one-click approvals and revision history, the platform features the delegation capability feature that’s intertwined with the highly useful out-of-office feature. The out-of-office feature allows you to delegate your list of compliance items to somebody else. Revision history enables you to capture and see all revisions done by the author of the content piece across several iterations. Reduce the risk of misunderstandings, improve productivity, increase publication and reduce wasted time.

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