Introducing Innovation!

Veriday / Dec 5th, 2022
3 min read

Veriday’s newest business unit is dedicated to incubating new products, services, partnerships and initiatives and supporting our committment to the concept from which the unit gets its name: Innovation!

While its official status is “new,” establishing this business unit is actually the culmination of our evolving business and the logical next step in formalizing work we have been doing for years.   Most longtime clients will be well aware that the scope of our work and the opportunity for our people to contribute is not limited to the Liferay space.

In any Enterprise scale solution and project, multiple technologies and platforms are typically utilized and integrated. There are innumerable areas in which we have experience including ESB/ETL and OS/Pipeline/Runtime Scaling and Orchestration which are auxiliary or sometimes directly complimentary to Liferay. Outside of specific technologies there are also various recurring elements such as UI/UX/Accessibility, Security Remediation and DevSecOps.

We believe our continuous commitment to and discussions with our clients, across numerous domains (Retail, Finance, Utilities) and industries, allow us to identify common issues and provide solutions which can truly contribute value and deliver ROI for our clients. This includes can be on topics as broad as Security and as specific as Designing and Auditing for Web Accessibility.

We look forward to working with our clients to build and foster partnerships, like those we have cultivated with Red Hat and Entando.

Business is about focusing efforts in certain areas, deploying an approach that applies a more strategic and long-term view to the entire technology space and how it adapts to meet our clients needs.

We are also looking at new technologies and products which are supplemental to our in-house product Digital Agent and how to create synergies.

Additionally there are entirely new products and services, especially around methodologies and best practices, which we look forward to bringing to market. A great example is our WorkPlace Off The Shelf (WOTS) offering which we will highlight in a future post.

Those who have worked with Veriday for a long time will be well aware that our Professional Services team has been most successful when working with our clients and partners.

Some of our cross-industry experience has allowed us to observe common pain points that we aim to alleviate. We have the ability to see trends and patterns as what is important to organizations (Security, OperatIons, Scalability/High-Availability) evolves, enabling us to identify strategies to help them be successful.

As an organization we will strive to make the Veriday Innovation business unit a space in which we cultivate the new technologies and products that offer solutions & strategic frameworks to provide answers to common pain points for our clients.