Customer Experience Trends that Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore

      Tim Merrill | August 16, 2019

How do you increase something that is hard to measure? Customer experience trends are difficult to pin down with a concrete number — though it is arguably one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Customer experience trends have shown to have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. You already know it’s important. But how do you tackle a factor that is as elusive as someone’s personal experience?
Simply hoping for the best won’t work here. The way to regain control over customer experience is by tracking trends that have shown positive results across industries, while looking at the statistics, and, most importantly — hearing out the customers themselves.

What We Know

Mobile Design Matters. According to a survey conducted by the Temkin Group in a customer experience management report, 60% of the companies stated that they deliver a first-rate mobile experience. Meanwhile, a mere 22% of the consumers surveyed agreed that the mobile-based version of the product was of the same high quality as its counterpart. The inconsistency in the numbers is telling — companies absolutely have to meet the demands of a world where most people will reach for their smartphone before all else.

Grasp Customer Needs. Simultaneously understanding and meeting customer needs is a crux issue for many companies. Meeting that balance can be difficult but nonetheless important. According to a Salesforce survey on customer expectations, 76% of the participants stated that they fully expect a business to consistently understand and meet their needs. Why else would they use the service? The time is long overdue to implement a customer-centric business model.

Customer Experience Works. In the same Temkin Group customer experience management report, more than 80% of companies who have made reported efforts to prioritize customer experience disclosed significant revenue increases. And it’s no wonder — making the customer happy works. When these companies put work on enhancing the experience of the customer, the customer satisfaction and loyalty rates also increase. It’s a win for everyone.

Trend: Introducing AI to the Customer Experience Space

Poor customer service is one of the top ways to lose a customer. According to a Conversocial survey, about 66% of customers will leave as a consequence of a poor customer service experience. The modern customer wants resolutions quickly and effectively — and it’s often difficult to meet that demand through human efforts. That’s why brands are beginning to automate and personalize responses to customers through the combination of chatbots and social media messaging. The results are in. You can’t keep up without a little AI help.

Customer Experience Trend: More Transparency Through Tech

People are increasingly aligning the businesses they introduce into their lives with core personal values. The market has responded – being a value-based company has now become a competitive advantage. But how do you relay these values to the customer? It’s all about building trust through transparency, ranging from the high-up corporate level to small-scale design choices. However, transparency can mean something different for every company. Great points to start could be the following — investing in value-centered content, releasing select operations data and allowing your audience to peek behind the curtain into the culture of your company. Information, when handled correctly, can lead to trust.

Customer Experience Trend: Hyper-Personalization

Consumers are ready to get personal. The smarter companies are beginning to leverage what is now being called hyper-personalized customer experience by utilizing AI and real-time data to deliver a new kind of relevance to the customer. The trend is on its way up, as a reported 69% of customers want a customized experience, while only 40% of companies are actively employing the strategy. Data insights can and should be wagered not only to promote a more relevant product to the audience that is more likely to sell, but deliver the experience that your customers truly want.

Take Advantage of the Trends for Better Customer Outcomes

Sometimes, being a trend follower is a good thing, especially when it comes to the customer experience. The modern consumer is becoming savvier and companies have no other choice but to accommodate the rising demands. Take advantage of the information and technology available to enhance your company’s infrastructure — and your efforts will not go underappreciated.