Business Units update

Veriday / September 26th, 2022

The start of a new fiscal year provides an opportunity to take stock of our successes, identify areas we aim to improve, and initiate change to help move us forward.

 As we embark on a new year, Veriday will begin to implement modifications to our organizational structure that will help propel us forward by creating new opportunities, connecting us with new clients, driving growth, and enabling us to provide new products and services.

 Veriday will begin to implement modifications to our organizational structure.

Veriday will still be Veriday, and most of our staff will maintain a similar scope of responsibilities as they always have, but by adding a unit focused on Customer Success, as well as App Management, Liferay, Emerging Products and Digital Agent, with clear reporting lines for each, we hope to realign and refocus our efforts to enable us to do what we do best, better. We’ll also be reinvesting in our own professional relationships, by bringing back social events on a consistent basis for the first time since the pandemic. We hope these changes bring about a new and improved Veriday for our team, and for you, our partners, clients and colleagues! 

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