Utility Change Conference

Veriday / September 26th, 2022

Speaking of conferences, CTO Nick Quach and Senior Account Executive Dinh Tran recently attended the Utility Change Conference in San Diego, with Nick as a featured speaker at the event.

The conference is an opportunity to gather change managers from across the utilities sector where they have a unique opportunity, since utilities companies are rarely positioned in competition in the U.S. market, to share best practices, network and brainstorm together without the pressure of collaboration undermining competitive advantage. Nick and Dinh were able to meet with change managers, and some sponsors, and gain invaluable insights into how Veriday can better support the human element of change initiatives, and were inspired to refocus some of the messaging in Nick’s talk in order to better incorporate this theme. Rather than only emphasizing technology solutions, Nick amplified the importance of people, and need for tools that enable communication and collaboration, and leverage data to bear influence on decision makers and drive change. 

 The conference is an opportunity to gather change managers from across the utilities sector where they have a unique opportunity.

Throughout the week they listened to the attendees they met with and heard a number of challenges and common themes, particularly around leadership, collaboration, and the ability to measure success in change management. Utility companies are rapidly modernizing. With the infusion of smart grids and other disruptive technologies, the impact on front line workers is being acutely felt throughout the industry. One person Nick met with offered a keen perspective, sharing that change managers are consistently dealing with the employee fallout of digital transformation campaigns within organizations, with people experiencing the growing pains brought on by new technologies, and not always seeing the positive aspects of a change agenda. What they need are tools that empower employees and improve the human experience of digital transformation. Veriday focuses on change management as an integral part of any digital transformation delivery, not an add-on, after thought, or “nice to have.” We include support for transforming human interaction with technology in any digital transformation project we take on and look forward to more opportunities to lend our expertise and insights to promote change management in the utilities sector. 

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