Harnessing the Power of Liferay: Building Intranets for the Modern Business Landscape

Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar / May 29, 2023
3 min read

In a world where digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity, the need for a dynamic, feature-rich intranet is paramount. An intranet forms the backbone of internal communication and collaboration, connecting teams, facilitating information sharing, and ultimately driving operational efficiency. A robust digital experience platform that empowers businesses to build such comprehensive intranets is Liferay.

Liferay: Spearheading Intranet Development

Liferay stands at the forefront when it comes to building engaging and resource-rich intranets. It offers an extensive suite of tools and features that enable businesses to construct intranets that serve as more than mere reservoirs of information. A Liferay-powered intranet becomes a comprehensive platform that cultivates collaboration, promotes resource sharing, and bolsters communication, thereby fostering a vibrant and productive work environment.

Driving Efficiency with Advanced Features

Liferay equips businesses with a myriad of features that streamline the creation and management of company intranets. From document sharing facilities and internal messaging systems to project collaboration tools and customizable personal pages, Liferay provides it all. Its ability to integrate smoothly with various back-end systems paves the way for streamlined workflows and seamless communication across diverse business units, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Liferay Intranet Success Stories

Liferay’s prowess in intranet development can be seen in the success stories of several global companies:

1) Domino’s Pizza: Domino’s Pizza harnessed the power of Liferay to construct a unified global intranet. This intranet serves as a central hub for tools and resources, facilitating streamlined communication and boosting operational efficiency across the globe.

2) Air France: Air France utilized Liferay to build an intranet that serves thousands of its employees. The intranet provides access to HR systems, hosts internal news updates, offers project collaboration tools, and much more.

3) Allianz Insurance: Allianz leverages Liferay for its intranet, providing its employees with a single point of access to tools, resources, and communication channels that enhance productivity and improve internal communication.

Leveraging Veriday’s Expertise in Liferay Intranets

Veriday, a leading player in digital transformation and engagement solutions, has showcased its proficiency in utilizing Liferay to build robust intranets:

1) Healthcare Provider Intranet: Veriday partnered with a large healthcare provider to build a Liferay-powered intranet. The intranet integrates with the HR system, facilitates access to essential tools and resources, and serves as a vibrant communication hub for the organization.

2) Government Agency Intranet: Veriday collaborated with a government agency to construct an intranet portal. The portal hosts various tools and resources and stimulates inter-departmental communication and collaboration.

3) Financial Services Intranet: Veriday also developed a Liferay-based intranet for a financial services company, enabling efficient communication, promoting resource sharing, and facilitating project collaboration.


To sum up, Liferay’s exhaustive capabilities make it an ideal choice for building potent, dynamic intranets. If your organization is looking to revamp internal communication, streamline workflow, or cultivate collaboration, Liferay holds the answer. With seasoned specialists like Veriday at the helm, unlocking the potential of Liferay for your intranet development becomes a smooth and efficient journey.

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