Custom Apps & A Non-Profit Creating A Better World

Chayton Allen/ December 20th, 2021

There are always some scary things in this world, and Illinois-based Rahab’s Daughters is shining light in the places where society doesn’t always deem it necessary to look. There are many anti-human trafficking groups, but Rahab’s Daughters approaches human trafficking from the big-picture. Rahab’s Daughters works holistically: from awareness, education, and prevention to rescuing, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Rahab’s Daughters came together with Veriday to enhance its mission in the world. Rahab’s Daughters is a growing movement of volunteers, donors, action-takers, and world-changers all working together to fight human trafficking. Together, we built and customized apps that amplified their output and ability to accomplish their mission. 

Application One: The Mapping Platform

The mapping platform pulls information off the internet and compiles it into a database. The tool uses data science to help determine what data is useful & what isn’t. The data consists of useful pieces of information like location, services, and more. Integrating ArcGIS made by Esri has provided location-based analytics to Rahab’s Daughters’ missions, giving the ability to visualize and analyze data and collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards, and reports!

Once the information is in the system, a pin drops on the map that gives a size and color rating that grades how severe human trafficking is in that location. This helps Rahab’s Daughters prioritize where and how they should approach each section. 

 It’s crucial to align business needs with the desired value or outcomes and the Digital Experience technology and solution to achieve it.

Application Two: The Scraping Tool 

Working in a number of ways, the scraping tool is designed to pull important data from various digital platforms. This tool is integrated with Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform giving Rahab’s Daughters the ability to display and share data with ease. Due to confidentiality, expansion on the topic is not available at this time; however, we will be discussing the effectiveness of this solution on our upcoming January 11 webinar.  

You may be wondering how accurate our solutions’ data is. Through additional cross-referencing implementations, we’ve been able to confirm that our tools are providing about 85% info accuracy. This is a drastic improvement for a non-profit operating on volunteer time and efficiency.   

Conclusion: It’s Time to Transform

As we’ve reviewed, the tools made with our clients at Rahab’s Daughters have had a 10X impact on their output! Turning 2,000 phone calls into 20,000 and being able to deploy 8,000 texts in the same amount of time, both these applications help Rahab’s Daughters with knowing how exactly to plan their missions in the fight against human trafficking e and so much more.

So often, anti-human trafficking groups do outreach and visit the wrong places at the wrong times. With these customized apps, Veriday helped take out the guesswork and limited the errors that can occur, ultimately helping Rahab’s Daughters better use its volunteer time to help those that really need it.

Are you a non-profit looking to enhance your impact?

Join us on January 11 to learn more about how we worked with Rahab’s Daughters to improve its outreach effectiveness by 10X. We’ll talk about crafting solutions tailored to your mission, too!  See you there!

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