4 Types of Marketing Content Advisors can Capitalize on

     Sean Lamoureux / June 28, 2019

Marketing campaigns are critical for the success of advisor’s businesses. Digital marketing drives people to your business. It informs them of what you do and how you can help them, creating more profit for you, the advisor. It is a proven way to grow their business and make money. Some advisors today attempt to use marketing campaigns to drive people to visit their websites, involving them in their business to attempt to create new clients. This blog will provide examples of several types of content advisors can use in marketing campaigns to grow their business.

1. Blog

There are multiple benefits to having a blog. For one, blogs push people to your website. When someone searches for a topic you’ve written on they are brought to your site. Potential clients are able to interact with your business, while advisors show their expertise on topics relating to their field. This creates more brand recognition for the advisor, which can create more clients (and profit). When coupled with the fact that blogs cost little to produce, other than a bit of time, there is almost no downside for advisors.

One thing that an advisor must consider though is that running a successful blog requires consistency, so if they intend to do so they should attempt to post at regular intervals. Posting two blogs a year won’t hack it.

2. Video

Videos are great for jumping out and grabbing the viewer’s attention, which can be exploited by advisors by creating short, succinct, videos. These videos inform and engage people with an advisor’s industry and strategies. By creating videos, advisors are able to engage more easily with clients, allowing more personality to shine through compared to writing, assuming they are less talented or comfortable writing.

There is one rule to follow, DO NOT create low-quality videos. No one will watch them and the benefits from creating a video will be lost. If you’re going to do this put in some effort and create high-quality content.

3. Infographic

Infographics can be an excellent way to inform an advisor’s audience. For one thing, they’re simple. Giving words a visual medium can do wonders to help people digest the information that is unfamiliar. For advisors that have to work with clients with less experience investing this can be a great method to help clients get up to speed, educating them on how things work and how an advisor can benefit them.

Otherwise, using an infographic can help create superior engagement in clients. Many people are visual learners, who benefit from having images that augment information the advisor provides. Having a visual aspect of information helps catch the eyes of clients, making them more likely to read and share the content.

If advisors choose to use infographics they should make sure to work with a graphic designer or use an online software tool, like Piktochart or other similar websites, to make sure their infographic looks good.

4. Case Studies and Testimonials

The main benefit that advisors gain from using case studies is that it provides a way to show how their expertise. Providing proof that you can help clients will build trust. In other words, using case studies allows advisors to show their clients the tangible results they create. It goes without saying then, that advisors should choose cases where their services have had the greatest positive impact, the biggest benefits of using case studies are negated. Asking clients to write a short testimonial, can help build credibility, which again allows clients to see examples of the good work their advisor has accomplished in the past as well as their knowledge of their field.

While there are still other types of content that advisors can use to market their businesses, this blog was only meant to provide a quick look into some options that advisors have, as well as the benefits of each type of content.