Unlocking Manufacturing Performance:

Using Today’s Data with Tomorrow’s Technology

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Insights you will take away by attending:

• How to quickly adapt to the new technology in manufacturing

• Strategies to a Successful Implementation of a Centralized Digital Solution

• Eliminate Waste and Optimize Performance

• Tips on how to Quickly Adapt to New Technology in Manufacturing IOT

Our 2020 “Unlocking Manufacturing Performance: Using Today’s Data with Tomorrow’s Technology” webinar will give you the tools to increase productivity, product quality, and machine utilization.

Optimizing performance in the workplace is a must for any manufacturer. This can be done by better leveraging their digital systems. Unscheduled shutdowns, new safety measures, and new product plans have caught more than one manufacturer off guard. The current waste in manufacturing is massive; waste referring to materials, energy, space, and hours worked. Take Inventory management for example it can be tedious and time-consuming when done manually by workers and results in errors.

After implementing a digital system, time and energy will no longer be wasted on mediocre tasks and assignments. Through the adoption of a digital management system, you will optimize performance in the workplace by eliminating waste.


Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar



Eric Kirby

Account Executive, Global Services


David Schultz


G5 Consulting