UI/UX Research & Design Assessment

Key Benefits

Understand Root Cause of Key Problems

Often the client sponsor and stakeholders have a symptom or problem to be solved but are unclear on the root cause triggering the symptom or problem. Using Veriday’s proprietary issue based methodology, the Veriday team will uncover the facts and findings that confirm the root cause(s)

Propose Solutions

With Root Cause established, the Veriday team can propose varying solutions that can be attributed to solve the specific root cause problems at play. Veriday will also elicit stakeholder feedback to align recommendation to the considerations and constraints of the Client Environment

Comprehensive Change Plans

With root cause and solutions tabled, Veriday is in a position to recommend a comprehensive change plan comprised of short term, medium and longer term actions that allows the client select a roadmap aligned to their needs

5 Day – Assessment Package


This is suitable for clients who have very aggressive deadlines and want to get an MVP out ASAP.
  • Stakeholder interviews

    5 hours

    Understand business goals, objectives, and impediments
    Understand long term vision

  • Current solutions 
in place

    3 hours

    Heuristic analysis of the current solution

    Understand tech constraints

  • Research about end-users

    3 days

    Interview existing users – 3 hours

    Study existing analytics/documentation if applicable – 5 hours

    Review industry standards, best practices, and competition – 1 day

    Basic persona (s) development – 4 hours

    Basic journey map – 4 hours

  • Research Analysis and presentation

    1 day

    Note that the survey results may not be available for this presentation but can be used to inform the future state.

    Written report

  • Research

    Problem exploration and definition


    Surveys, interviews, field studies, study existing analytics etc…

  • Define Problems and KPIs

    to measure success


    Research artifacts for a shared understanding of users and business

  • Design and Test Iterations

    On-going activity for the length of the project


    Clickable mockups and usability tests/results

  • Measure success


    Post-launch survey and feedback

6 Week – Assessment Package


For those who want to put design thinking into practice and improve ROI.

Who’s Involved?


Ensure on-going designs are developed according to requirements

For the 5-day engagement, typically 100% allocation.
For the 6-week engagement, typically 100% allocation.

Research resource

Test designs and suggest changes to the UI

For the 5-day engagement, typically 50% allocation.
For the 6-week engagement, typically 50% allocation.

Senior Management Consultant / Project Mgr


For the 5-day engagement, typically 25% allocation.
For the 6-week engagement, typically 25% allocation.

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