The Future of Devops Is Here,
and Its Name Is Microservices

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You’ll come away with:

• Why Agile should extend beyond the scope of software development.

• The challenges introduced by just focusing on “product delivery”.

• Why top-performing organizations are exploring value-based product delivery.

• How to overcome organizational inertia and drive business value.


Chris Lamoureux

Chief Operations Officer

Veriday Inc.

As software development moves faster and architecture becomes more complex, teams also need to understand what’s happening with their systems more quickly than ever before.

Join our panel of OpenShift experts for a session that will explore the strategies for teams to efficiently manage applications and infrastructure monitoring in a containerized, microservices world. Get ready to learn tips that will enable your team to ship better products faster.


Nathan Shaw

Principal Director

Entando Inc.

Anthony Viard

JHipster committer

Entando Inc.

Cesar Saavedra

Technical Marketing Manager

GitLab Inc.

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Sr. Engineering Manager


Richard Naszcyniec


Red Hat