Veriday releases Digital Agent 5.3 to Enhance the Financial Enterprise’s Marketing Ecosystem

     December 14, 2020

Toronto, Canada (December 14, 2020) – Veriday, a leading digital transformation solutions provider, today released the latest update of the leading Financial Advisor marketing platform, Digital Agent.

The latest version of DA is Digital Agent 5.3. is now available. The latest version includes several enhancements and additions inspired by client feedback, delivering a better product with a user-first approach. These fresh features and enhancements continue to drive Digital Agent as a fuller, holistic financial advisor marketing platform.

So what are these new features? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Open Platform Enhancements

Introduction of the powerful new OpenAPI enables Digital Agent to connect to any social media management Suite enabling wider content sharing. This builds on the integrations being added to the platform to enable organizations to weave their advisor marketing platform, Digital Agent, with their other systems.

New MultiShare Functionality

This feature enables enterprise marketing teams to distribute content (pdf, images, videos) to thousands of advisors across their network with a single click interface. Repeated jobs are done fast without user interaction, allowing you to quickly and efficiently distribute important files to key members, no matter how big your team. Enterprise marketing teams can now build custom rules to distribute content depending on various advisor groups, names, content type etc.

Additions to Analytics Reports

Users look to Digital Agent to quickly understand their performance and make strategic decisions about their marketing programs. Users are now able to search for data metrics within rolling date ranges. The Digital Agent analytics dashboards are designed to make marketing data easily consumable by marketers and advisors alike. The new KPIs reports are centered around Reach, Engagement, and Conversions metrics.

Improved UI to the File Manager

Users are able to see all folders and digital assets that enterprise marketing users have uploaded to the Digital Agent platform. Users also have the ability to switch between grid and list views. When managing assets users are able to access a number of options, metadata, as well as an enhanced deletion function which will remove the file from the repository, will be unindexed from search engines, and disable hyperlinks.

New Navigation Features

Finally, when building pages, users have the ability to now add anchor links to their pages which allow their visitors to jump to a specific point on the page. This is a simple way to improve the visitor experience by saving them time and simplifying navigation to relevant content.

About Digital Agent

Digital Agent® is an enterprise marketing platform that allows head office marketing teams to boost sales efforts by supporting all stages of the buyer journey to create more personalized connections at scale.

Our integrated marketing cloud is packed with practical features (such as; Websites, Email, Social, Blog, Events, Compliance) that empowers financial advisors to take control of their digital presence and enable marketing departments to easily manage hundreds or thousands of websites and content delivery channels.

For more information about Digital Agent by Veriday here.

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