Veriday & Entando Announce Partnership To Expand Micro Frontend Platform into The North American Market

     October 6, 2020

Veriday & Entando are proud to announce their partnership intended to expand the availability of the Entando platform in North America. Together, they look to deliver modern user experiences and accelerate digital innovation. The two companies will implement the leading micro frontend platform, which represents the future for Kubernetes users and is consistent with Martin Fowler’s microservices ethos and progression to micro frontends. 

The vision shared by Veriday & Entando is that organizations need to improve user experience more rapidly. A micro frontend platform delivers on this demand by allowing cross-functional teams to update features iteratively and deploy independently to more quickly optimize user experience. 

Increased speed to market for applications and process automation and is enabled through platform-based development of containerized microservices that automate business decisions and processes. 

“As we seek to help enterprises innovate more quickly, we’re excited to partner with Veriday to further expand Entando to Kubernetes customers throughout America and Canada.” – Paul Hinz, CEO of Entando Inc. 

Having designed, implemented, and managed for dozens of Fortune 500 organizations, Veriday brings decades of expertise in digital transformation to this Entando partnership. Veriday has been implementing extensive microservice driven transformation projects for several years, enabling large and medium enterprises to optimize time to market and operating expenses. Entando is a strategic asset for Kubernetes environments and for building on Veriday’s extensive application management history.  

“We are excited to partner with Entando, adding an innovative market-leading micro frontend platform to our clients who have adopted Kubernetes.” – Marc Lamoureux, CEO of Veriday Inc.

Learn more about Entando and Veriday as we discuss emerging imperatives for hybrid cloud app development at Camp IT on Wednesday, October 28. 

About Veriday

Veriday specializes in developing strategies, products, and solutions to transform your user experiences and engagement. From strategy, conceptual planning, and design to implementation, management, and technical support, we are here to help when it comes to making your next technology or digital marketing project a milestone success. Our experts will help you implement an end-to-end vision.

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About Entando

Entando is the leading micro frontend platform for faster UX innovation of enterprise web apps on Kubernetes. With Entando, you can leverage customized code generation tools to quickly create micro frontends and microservices and compose them into an application, reuse components across projects via the Entando Component Repository, and scale apps quickly and effectively with Entando’s custom Kubernetes operator.

Entando is an open source with available enterprise support and services. Begin developing on the platform today, and get a quote to see how our team can help your enterprise build better apps, sites, and portals–faster. 

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