Veriday Earns Prestigious Liferay Partner Excellence Award

     June 19, 2023

May 23, 2023 – Mississauga, Canada: Veriday, a pioneer in digital experience transformation and Liferay Platinum Partner, is delighted to announce that it has been honored with Liferay’s esteemed Partner Excellence Award.

This recognition represents the culmination of years of productive collaboration with Liferay. Veriday’s name  —  translating to ‘Honest Day”—is a testament to its dedication to the values at the heart of this award: servant leadership, valuing people, embracing uniqueness, continuous growth, and commitment to excellence.

Growing together and striving for excellence

Liferay has always honored those with whom it’s had fruitful collaborations. In November 2022, Veriday was acknowledged as the North American partner of the year. This time around, Veriday is being honored for its core values.

At the heart of Veriday’s ethos is its belief in collaborative leadership. This approach sees executives and team members at all levels leading by example, and it’s a commitment that has cemented Veriday’s standing as a trusted partner and industry leader.

Valuing people and fostering an inclusive culture is where Veriday shines. The company nurtures talent, rewards creativity, and promotes a balanced work-life dynamic to ensure they’re continuously improving.

Just as “growing and getting better” is a core value of Liferay, it’s also deeply ingrained in Veriday’s operations. The company seeks to consistently evolve with the digital landscape, staying ahead by learning from every experience and embracing change.

The Liferay Partner Excellence Award

The Liferay Partner Excellence Award for ‘Grow and Get Better’ is a prestigious honor granted annually to partners who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the five core values of Liferay: servant leadership, valuing people, staying nerdy (embracing uniqueness), continuous growth, and commitment to excellence.

“Our Partner Excellence Awards are given to Liferay partners who exemplify one of Liferay’s core values: Produce Excellence, Lead By Serving, Value People, Grow and Get Better, and Stay Nerdy. As a long-standing Liferay partner, Veriday has continued to grow their Liferay practice while simultaneously improving their ability to deliver new projects. We are thrilled to present the North American award for ‘Grow and Get Better’ to Veriday.”

– Brian Kim, Chief Sales Officer – Liferay

It’s a testament to the recipient’s dedication to upholding these values and their alignment with Liferay’s vision of helping companies serve others with a positive impact. The award doesn’t just recognize the work of a single year — it honors the culmination of persistence, dedication, and adherence to these core values year over year.

Powering businesses with results

At its core, Veriday is a solutions-driven company. It specializes in enhancing digital experiences by employing many strategies, products, and solutions to drive user engagement and organizational transformation. Whether it’s employee productivity, intranet security, or data analytics, Veriday meticulously tailors solutions for clients.

Moreover, its approach to creating these solutions exemplifies Liferay’s core values in action.

Veriday leads by striving to assist its customers in driving transformation. It respects and values all people. It embodies continuous growth and evolution internally and externally.

Its employees are committed to excellence in their work and adhere to those same values. Lastly, they don’t try to fit in; rather, they embrace their uniqueness and wear it as a badge of honor.

About Veriday

Veriday means “Honest Day,” reflecting the company’s passion for delivering an honest day’s work with 100% client focus. Specializing in developing strategies, products, and solutions to transform user experiences and engagement, Veriday’s experts help clients implement an end-to-end vision. From strategy, conceptual planning and design to implementation, management and technical support, Veriday supports clients every step of the way to ensure their next technology or digital marketing project is an unequivocal success.

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