Veriday Announces Double C-Suite Appointment: CTO and CFO

April 14, 2021

Toronto, Canada (April 14, 2021) Veriday announces that Nick Quach and Jonah Cohn have been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer respectively.

We are excited to announce these promotions as a reflection of Veriday’s growth, strategic progress and the on-going development of our team. Nick Quach is a long-term employee of the Veriday team instrumental in developing our Professional Services and Software Business lines along with our strategic partnerships with Liferay and Entando. Jonah Cohn has also been a long-term employee and his role is reflective of his strategic contributions, human capital and financial stewardship of Veriday.

Veriday CEO Marc Lamoureux commented : “Nick is a world class technology leader for Veriday and our customers and this new role will allow him to expand his impact across our business guiding our clients and our team in the future. Jonah’s expanded responsibilities will allow Veriday to continue our planned North American expansion and refinement of our human resource, governance and operational frameworks.”

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