Digital Agent by Veriday Announces Multilingual Support

     August 21, 2020

As part of their latest product release, Canada’s fastest emerging marketing cloud for regulated industries, Digital Agent by Veriday, has announced multilingual support for its cloud-based platform, including French and Spanish languages. The company indicated that it has the capability to introduce additional international language support in the coming months.

Through its newly launched multi-lingual support on the customer app and mobile web platforms, Veriday aims to offer a hassle-free and customised user experience for users across North America,” the company added.

Since 2005, Veriday has developed innovative technology solutions to help solve marketing and consumer engagement issues for numerous brands including Google, Best Buy and RBC Financial to name a few. Since its inception, Veriday has translated those partnerships into helping many of the largest corporations and government agencies in both Canada and the US, to deliver user-centric experiences to their employees and clients.

“With this multi-lingual support, we aim to make user interactions hassle-free and convenient, further adding to the overall customer experience. Spanish and French are two of the most spoken languages in North America after English, and we believe that our multi-lingual capabilities make us more accessible to our customers and clients,” Chris Lamoureux, Chief Operating Officer, Veriday said.

About Digital Agent

Digital Agent® is an enterprise marketing platform that allows head office marketing teams to boost sales efforts by supporting all stages of the buyer journey to create more personalized connections at scale.

Our integrated marketing cloud is packed with practical features (such as; Websites, Email, Social, Blog, Events, Compliance) that allow marketing departments to easily manage hundreds or thousands of websites and content delivery channels.

Digital Agent® is a simple easy-to-use platform that helps marketers become more efficient so that they can add greater value to their sales teams and their business.

For more information about Digital Agent by Veriday here.

About Veriday Inc.

Veriday’s diverse experience, products and professional services allow them to effectively tailor enterprise solutions for partners operating across industries including healthcare, financial services, government, insurance and engineering, providing us with critical insights and deep customer relationships throughout North America.