Using IOT to Transform Carrier Success in B2B & B2C Insurance

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We will discuss:

• What do you need to achieve to prepare your data to be integrated, stored and utilized for real-time insights?

• How to integrate those insights with existing data sources including customer behavior and risk analysis to push customers towards risk prevention, resulting in the ultimate win-win for customers and insurers.

• The potential impact on exposure and issues and opportunities moving forward.

With the proliferation of IoT devices flooding into the insurance industry, their data represents the new commodity that will change both the world and insurance.

Our technology experts will examine how insurers are leveraging smart home devices of all shapes and sizes to extend value to insureds. We will also look at new technologies, services and capabilities poised to further transform the market.

Join us to explore how IoT data is providing the opportunity to understand and prevent risk, improve the customer experience and increase efficiency throughout the insurance value chain with automation technologies.