Humanizing Your Intranet

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In this program, you will learn about:

• How design thinking can humanize your intranet

• How beginning with the end in mind helps deliver a good user experience

• The components of the Intranet Maturity Model and how this contributes to culture and strategy

• How you can scale your intranet to meet the changing needs of your organization

• What it takes to create a human touch in a remote world

Your employees are your customers. Communicating with a remote workforce and helping them perform their jobs with ease is a transformation every company is facing.

The global economy in a post-COVID world is demanding a “work from anywhere” culture with a high degree of security and engagement. Performance and efficiency need to be married to engaging employee experiences.

Peter Bugbee

HR Manager

Jonah Cohn

VP Finance

Sharmila Wijeyakumar

Vice President