Financial Advisors: How do I add my business to Google Maps?

With so much information readily available to us on the Internet, it has become a natural reaction for individuals to go to search engines first to find the information that they are looking for. 

Have you ever found yourself doing any of the following?

  • Using Google Maps to find a store, or get directions to it. 
  • Using a search engine to find a store’s phone number
  • Using Google Maps to find out a store’s hours of operation.
  • Using a search engine to suggest local restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, etc.

Well, when those businesses pop up on search engines or Google Maps, chances are that they have put in the time to make that information readily available to you (to help increase the chances of you contacting them). Putting your Advisory firm on Google Maps is a very simple process, and crucial for your online presence. Some of the benefits associated with Google My Business include:

  • Being there when people search for you on Google – whenever, wherever.
  • Shows off your Advisory Firm. Customers are able to see what you’re all about – from location, directions, client reviews, your Advisor website, and ways to contact you.
  • People are able to find you easily. Customers can get in touch with you with just one click.
  • Happy customers will do the all of the talking for you.  With reviews available for your prospects to see, your customers may sell your Advisory Services for you (as long as they are positive).

Let’s walk through the process.

Step 1: Find your business on Google Maps

You’ll get the following screen when you click the link:

Google My Business Map example

Step 2: Add your business to Google Maps

Once you see this screen, you’ll want to search for your Advisory firm’s name and address in the search bar. If you can’t find your business under the name and address, you’ll have the option to add it by clicking, “This doesn’t match | Add your business”:

Google maps search for business

At this point, you’ll get to a screen that asks for information about your business relating to the name, address, city, phone number, and so on. As you answer these questions, remember that the more specific and accurate the information you provide about your business, the better. An important part of the information inputting process is selecting a category. This section is very important, as it’s essentially the way Google will classify your business, and the type of search query it will display your listing for. During this process, you’ll only be able to pick one, so pick the one best suited for your Advisory firm. Later on, you will have the option to pick up to 5. Once you input all of the required information, it will create a Google+ Page for your business.

Step 3: Verify your business

Google will want you to verify that your business is located where you say it is. This usually means waiting 1-2 weeks for the verification PIN to arrive in the mail to your businesses’ location. Occasionally, you’ll be given the option to receive your PIN by text or automated phone call.  I would highly suggest doing it this way, as it is a much faster and easier process.

Overall, this process is very easy and straightforward. If you want your Advisory firm to be found more easily online, especially to a local audience, then signing up for Google My Business is a great step to take. Learn more about the benefits of “Google My Business” from VP, Product Management, Andrew Chung.