The Greater Good


We just got these new whiteboards and they big and heavy! The bad news is we did not hire anyone to install them. Currently, we’re using them while they are leaned up against our walls. Now that we’re growing, we need to mount them on the wall to take back the extra space. Without question, our team gets together, grabs all the necessary tools, a few screws and voila, we suddenly have these huge amazing white boards for future planning and brainstorming!

Delegation is viewed as a necessity for growth but more importantly for growing companies it’s about getting work done and not necessarily being concerned with roles and responsibilities at all times. Knowing that your peers will do what is required to advance the business creates a strong team culture. As an organization matures, this kind of work is a nuisance but occasionally helps set the standard for working together.

Our whiteboard experience is one of those tasks that just needed to get done. We do the same for our clients – whatever it takes and however long it takes is the right thing to do. After a while, you begin to learn that if you invest in doing the right things for people with less regard for your own status, it will return to you in the form of loyalty and reinforce your principles.

Putting up a whiteboard seems like a burden, but at Veriday, it represents something greater.