Digital Agent Winter 2020 Release

Veriday Marketing / Jan 16, 2020

Announcing our latest version of Digital Agent Email! We made everything from contact management to the sending of campaigns compliant, on brand and easy.

Digital Agent aims to help businesses better optimize their customer experience and nurture their relationship throughout the entire journey with these updates.

The Winter 2020 release of Digital Agent Email, delivers an upgraded email marketing platform for businesses (particularly those in regulated industries) to better stay in touch with clients and prospects. The new features will offer benefits for users such as achieving brand consistency and compliance along with increasing their engagement by optimizing their client engagement strategy.


Collect emails and grow your list:

• Grow your email contact list and create loyal subscribers by adding our subscribe and sign-up widget to any Digital Agent web page

•  Bulk upload contacts to Digital Agent so you can start sending email campaigns right away

•  Create contact segments and target content to stay top of mind and increase open rates and clicks

Share your thought leadership content with subscribers:

•  Save time and send emails faster by selecting from a library of pre-approved design templates that are compliant and on brand

•  Schedule email campaigns to notify your audience about new content

•  Automatically personalize each email with the same contact details and images as those used on your website

•  Use segmentation to target emails to similar contacts and provide them with content they actually care about

Amplify corporate thought leadership content:

•  Send email campaigns on behalf of your end users to drive inbound traffic to their websites

•  Providing easy-to-use brand-compliant email templates for end-users

•  Send multilingual campaigns without the need for additional language software

•  Ability to aggregate data from multiple campaigns and segments across all marketing emails

Track and analyze your stats from the program or individual business level:

•  Get insights into your visitors and their behaviour by tracking opens, clicks and unsubscribes

•  Learn about what content is working and how clients are consuming your content, by aggregating data from campaigns driven by head office, or from the advisor level

Gain peace of mind knowing that you are CASL & CAN-SPAM compliant:

•  Digital agent automatically handling subscribes and unsubscribes that is compliant with CASL & CAN-SPAM legislation

•  Head office can centrally manage unsubscribes and mailing list updates for all email lists across all users

•  Best in class deliverability through our automated email suppression system that cleans out bounces and unsubscribes

The improved features will have benefits for users such as achieving brand consistency and compliance along with increasing their engagement by optimizing their mailing strategy.

Other Notable Enhancements:

Campaign Timeline

Digital Agent now features a timeline view of all marketing and end user campaigns to provide better transparency into what emails are being sent and how they performed. It also shows a chronological history of all automated and advisor driven emails. This timeline allows users to filter their history to focus on upcoming campaigns, previous campaigns, or campaigns they are still working on.

Contact Segmentation

To support the advisor-client relationship, Digital Agent email includes a feature called Segments that enables advisors to segment their whole contact list into smaller subscriber groups. This segmentation ensures advisors can direct certain content to groups that will find that content relevant, thus supporting a strong advisor-client relationship.

Let us know your thoughts. Contact us and share your feedback for the new Digital Agent Email. We’ll use your feedback to make improvements