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A Toronto-based utilities company, which owns and operates the electricity distribution system for the city of Toronto. Serving the largest city in Canada, the Toronto-based utilities company has a great responsibility to service its customers as it distributes around 18% of the electricity consumed in Ontario. As the company serves so many it is important their website can support many concurrent users so that information can be easily accessible.

This Toronto-based utilities company was struggling with the performance and usability on their legacy platform which hosted their website and client portal. The company website was outdated thus creating a failing customer experience and was in need of a modern update. The old website did not meet the Canadian Government’s standards of accessibility. Thus as a public government organization, special attention would need to be given to the new website so it could be accessed by all. Moreover, during times of high traffic, such as storms/outages, the website was unable to support a larger volume of concurrent users. As people often come to their website with a strict purpose it was difficult to find information on the website because the website had poor search capabilities. Veriday was selected to work with the utilities company’s development team to deploy a platform to replace the legacy system and build their solutions. Veriday would utilize Liferay as the Digital Experience Platform to build both the website and the customer portal.

Solutions Used

  Liferay DXP

  Application Development



  Accessibility Audit




Simultaneous users/second during outages


Accessibility compliant



The Toronto-based utilities company had several goals with their new website including modernizing the website, improving responsiveness, usability on mobile devices, and accessibility to all people. Another important part of the project was creating a strong curated search engine which allowed customers an easy way to find what they are looking for on the site. Other important outcomes of the project was to improve the ongoing management of the site including the ability to update website content internally and provide a more dependable site. It was imperative the team invest a good amount of time into the accessibility of the website as a third party audit would be required to ensure the website can be accessed by anyone. The team developing the website was blended, Veriday developers worked with developers onsite at the utilities company. The process of development started with educating and training the utilities company developers on Liferay. The blended nature of the team allowed the scope to be altered without any barriers of communication and allowed the project to be developed seamlessly. The site was redesigned to meet industry best practices for the ease of access to the customer.

Liferay was a good fit for the utilities website as it has more customization tools than its competitors as well as its open source integration functionality. The new website performed better than the old and supported a large volume of users during times of high traffic. Another major goal that was achieved is to permit the business units to manage and curate the web site without IT involvement. The site also passed the accessibility audit for AODA compliance and responsiveness.

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