Investment Planning Counsel upgrades to a user-friendly intranet to provide advisors with easy access to company resources

Solutions Used

Project Management

Liferay Training

Application Management

Wealth Management

Location (HQ)
Mississauga, Ontario

Employee Size
400 employees

Project Statistics


5 months

Less than 5 months for implementation time


Active Users


Adoption Rate

Investment Planning Counsel (IPC) is a Canadian wealth management company, with over $24 Billion of investment assets under administration and over 900 advisors across the country. IPC was founded in 1996 and was created to support Advisors in delivering a distinctive client service experience by providing client-focused advice that helps Canadians live their dreams. IPC is part of IGM Financial Inc., a TSX listed company, and a member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies, one of the largest financial companies in Canada.

Investment Planning Counsel’s intranet was out of date and inefficient. Employees could not efficiently access the content they needed, and Advisors could not easily access forms and documents that were used often. The previous portal was difficult to navigate and not intuitive, being described as confusing, inefficient, and not search friendly. Overall, they were lacking a place online to communicate with advisors and store important documents.

Investment Planning Counsel was looking for a partner with experience in building public facing websites, advisor sites and intranet solutions. Veriday is a proven Liferay partner and Liferay is a strong platform for Intranet sites. Veriday also has a strong experience in the financial services industry, so this was a perfect fit for IPC.

Investment Planning Counsel wanted:

  • • To deliver content to different audiences including Advisors and Employees.
    • An efficient user experience – getting the right content to the right people.
    • Attractive UI.
    • The ability for authors in different departments to contribute content to the Intranet.

Veriday used an Agile interactive approach to development for this project to achieve those goals, delivering work in small, but consumable, increments. Requirements, plans, and results were evaluated continuously so our team had a natural mechanism to respond to change quickly.

“We partnered with Veriday to provide a secure, modern and flexible intranet. The Liferay solution allowed us to integrate our in-house applications seamlessly to our site – The Hub – for a unified digital platform. Veriday helped us design around our organizational needs to ensure the requirements of all our various business units were met while keeping the focus on the end-user experience.”

John Ross
Digital Product Manager
Investment Planning Counsel

Veriday used the Liferay Platform to implement a new advisor portal called “The Hub” which is now a one-stop shop for all their advisor needs.

Notable features include:

  • • Ability to personalize a dashboard
    • Advanced search functionality
    • Single sign on to all of their core applications
    • Fresh and timely content
    • Modernized streamlined mobile responsive design

This new portal consolidated numerous websites to provide a unified online presence. As a result of upgrading to The Hub, the Investment Planning Counsel saw significant results:

  • • Reduced clutter by 70% creating a centralized place for organized content
    • Unified platform for intranet and external websites enabling sharing of content and documents
    • Educational tools are now in one centralized location
    • With robust reporting capabilities stakeholders can now make timely and accurate decisions, including monitoring content that is most often accessed.

We received overwhelming positive feedback on launch from the team at IPC. The results from this project reflect IPC’s goals for an improved and more efficient workflow for their Intranet solution. Veriday’s proven experience with intranet solutions and the financial services industry once again results in a happy client with a much improved product.

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