How Blogging Has Transformed Advisor Leads

Blog concept with young man holding a tablet computer

In an earlier article, we talked about using a compliance advisor marketing platform. Integrating a platform into an enterprise is only part of the solution. The other part of the solution is teaching advisors the value of content marketing and what blogging could add to their business. Many advisors fall victim to thinking they can’t have a blog because either their compliance department won’t allow it or they believe that they don’t have the time for it. These advisors fail to see the value that blogging can provide and the importance of making time for blogging.

What happens when an advisor adopts a blogging strategy?

Builds Credibility and Trust

As advisors start to adopt a blogging strategy, they begin to build trust and credibility with their audience. Prospective clients start to trust this advisor as a knowledgeable expert who understands their industry and how to deliver exceptional service. Clients will feel confident that their money is in safe hands and their advisor is looking out for their best interests. Writing original blog content is only the first step, next the blog article, needs to be distributed through social media, email or other distribution channels.

Builds Your Brand

When advisors make the commitment to blogging, they increase their brand presence. Not only is content good for Search Engine Optimization, it creates value and positive sentiment for customers. Consumers are using the internet to research information prior to contacting an advisor. Consumers have become very skeptical about all interactions for any businesses. If an advisor can provide that information to the consumer, they will be more likely to trust them and take further action.

Increase audience

The potential leads a financial advisor may be limited to an organic search, leaving the marketing in the control of the enterprise. The enterprise will create content for a very large scope, this may not directly impact the consumers in the advisor’s location. When the advisor has a content marketing strategy, they can deliver the exact content needed. People will share the articles with family and friends, more eye will reach the advisor’s content. The result of this will be an increase in email list subscribers and increase in potential revenue.

Transformation Story

One particular advisor in Canada resisted blogging for such a long time.  He said it took too much time. Finally, he decided to slowly write 1 blog a month and over time increased that to 3-4 a month. He found that more people were finding his website organically from Google than before. Specifically, he saw a 45% increased in organic traffic to his website. About 9 months after he started blogging he was meeting with a new prospect. When asked how he learned about him, the prospect said he had read an article of his about 4-5 months ago and have been following his content ever since. That prospect turned into a client and they have a strong relationship now. By creating new content and consistently posting it was this advisor able to generate this new business.