Enhancing Customer Experience: Appian’s Role in Creating a Unified Customer Portal for Financial Services

Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar / May 11th, 2023
3 min read

In today’s digital age, customers expect seamless, personalized experiences when interacting with businesses. Financial services firms, in particular, must meet these expectations to retain and attract customers. Appian’s low-code platform empowers organizations to build and deploy customized applications that enhance customer experiences, as the example below demonstrates.

Example: A Leading Financial Services Firm’s Transformation with Appian

A prominent financial services firm sought to improve its customer experience by providing a unified and user-friendly digital platform. The firm chose Appian to help them create a comprehensive customer portal that offered the following benefits:

1) Centralized Access: By integrating data from multiple systems and applications, Appian’s platform allowed the firm to create a single point of access for customers. This enabled users to view account balances, transaction history, and product information all in one place, simplifying their experience and increasing satisfaction.

2) Streamlined Application Processes: Appian’s low-code platform allowed the firm to design and deploy user-friendly forms and workflows for customers to apply for new financial products, such as loans or credit cards. This streamlined process reduced wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

3) Personalized Experiences: The Appian-powered customer portal offered personalized content and recommendations based on individual customer profiles and preferences. This allowed the firm to deliver targeted offers and promotions, fostering a deeper connection with customers and encouraging loyalty.

4) Enhanced Self-Service Capabilities: By integrating chatbots and self-service tools, the customer portal empowered users to find answers to their questions and resolve issues without needing to contact customer support. This not only improved the customer experience but also reduced the burden on the firm’s support teams.

5) Improved Security: Appian’s robust security features, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, ensured that customers’ sensitive financial data remained protected. This fostered trust and confidence in the firm’s digital platform.

6) Data-Driven Insights: With centralized data and analytics, the financial services firm could better understand customer behavior and preferences. This enabled them to refine their products and services continually, further enhancing the customer experience.

The implementation of Appian’s low-code platform enabled the financial services firm to create a unified customer portal that significantly improved the overall customer experience. By providing seamless access to information and services, personalized content, and robust self-service tools, the firm not only improved customer satisfaction but also gained a competitive advantage in the market. Veriday has deep experience in achieving similar outcomes and would love to host a lunch and learn for your financial services org. DM me if you are interested.

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