3 benefits of email marketing for financial advisors

     Sean Lamoureux / June 12, 2019

Introducing email marketing to your business can be a great idea for financial advisors. Most people check their email numerous times throughout the day and have expressed a preference to receive communications with businesses over the platform. This blog will outline 3 motivations why you, as a financial advisor, should consider using email marketing to enhance your business. This is a common practice that many advisors have adopted already and have seen results from their efforts. It allows them to increase their exposure to new clients, while communicating strategies and ideas with pre-existing clients. This enables advisors to create more revenue for their business through simple means. Here are some benefits that advisors will see by implementing an email marketing strategy

  1. Reach a greater audience

First, using email marketing can help advisors to build their brands through increased exposure. The advice advisors provide can be shared to prospective clients regardless of whether they are already familiar with you. This allows you to build credibility over time, which will ultimately lead to the next benefit of email marketing that we will provide.

Using email marketing allows an advisor’s content to be easily shared to a larger group of people. Given that these people usually have to sign up for email lists or will have shown some prior interest in receiving financial advice they will be more engaged with the content being shared and are more likely to become future clients.

  1. Increase Revenue

Using email marketing will allow advisors to increase their book of business by giving them a platform to reach people that are interested in receiving their services. These people, who are in your target audience are more likely to use a financial advisor and by leveraging email marketing an advisor will be able to increase their client numbers, and subsequently their revenue.

Further, the little cost it takes to run email campaigns means that an advisor who chooses to take advantage of this marketing opportunity is taking almost zero risks. With basically no cost involved with sending emails any clients that are gained from the marketing campaign come at almost no cost.

  1. Stay top of mind with existing clients

A final benefit to email marketing is that it allows advisors to communicate some of their advice/strategies to their pre-existing clients. Clients will be informed and receive new, relevant, financial advice. This will enable them to make better decisions to benefit their financial situations. Staying top of mind helps advisors build relationships with their clients, creating more customer loyalty, as clients will feel like they have an advisor who goes the extra mile to provide them the best service.

Advisors can take this one step further by tailoring their email marketing to clients personally, creating more engagement between clients and advisors.

In conclusion, financial advisors can see many benefits of adopting an email marketing strategy for their business.