How to Leverage Curated Content to Spark Client Engagement

In this whitepaper we discuss:

The core benefits of financial industry content marketing

The shortfalls of relying on your own content exclusively

Curated content as a high-value addition

3 benefits of leveraging third-party content

Overcoming the pitfalls of curated content

How curated content fits into your content strategy

and much more

Potential clients who are looking for a financial adviser they can trust don’t have to rely on ads. The right content strategy can drive your entire digital marketing ecosystem. Content can be leveraged as anything from long-form lead magnets to short snippets and excerpts for social media. In theory, that’s absolutely true. But in reality, content marketing tends to fall short because of the shortfalls that come with a strategy relying exclusively on your own content.

Content Curation can be a powerful means of supplementing and even driving your own branded content.