10 Reasons Why Advisors Should Be Blogging

      Shereen Mohammed / August 9, 2018

Today, more than ever, it is harder for financial advisors to differentiate themselves from their competition. Blogging is one effective way that they can achieve this differentiation. Did you know that financial advisors who actively blog get 50% more traffic than those who don’t? If advisors adopt a blogging strategy, where they are consistently taking action towards creating new content, they will only see positive results.

1.Blogging Generates Leads

When reviewing the analytics of advisor websites, the advisors who are generating leads are the ones that are actively blogging. Generating new leads and ultimately new business is always an advisor’s goal. Businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

2.Blogging will grow your audience

Just because an advisor has a website it doesn’t mean visitors will come. Consider how people find your website if it has not been updated in a while. Blogging allows advisors to grow their audience by sharing their new blog articles on social media and email newsletters. People can find and read advisor blog articles because of the constant updates to their blog categories.

3.Become a credible and trusted source

When an audience sees and reads consistent new articles, advisors become a credible and trusted source. Over time, an audience can form a positive opinion of an advisor. When it comes time to choosing an advisor, people typically buy from people they like over traditional companies.

4.Blogging is still top of mind for in-depth material

While there may be lots of buzz around other forms of content like video; when it comes to drilling down and providing in-depth detail on a subject, long-form content like a blog performs well. It’s important to make content easy to skim because not everyone reads every word of a blog article.

5.Leverage call-to-actions

Blog articles give advisors the opportunity to place call-to-actions within the articles which helps to generate leads. The goal of any page on a website or blog should be to keep a visitor on the website and push them to other pages; ultimately getting them to contact the advisor. The way to do that is to use carefully crafted call-to-actions to encourage people to continue to engage on your website.

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