The Roadmap To Payments Transformation Success:

A round table discussion with Industry Leaders

In recent years, organizations globally have been moving to upgrade their ageing legacy systems to enable faster payments processing, real-time settlement, and data-rich transactions.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this has proved to even more critical. Transaction data from globally shows that customers have increasingly opted for digital solutions over cash and cheques – and many for the first time. This surge in the growth of new users suggests that the shift to digital will last beyond the pandemic.

Join our round table discussions with leaders from RBC, ADP, and the FinTech Growth Syndicate as they discuss and share insight into Payments Modernization and trends and how organizations can plan for and transform their businesses.

On this webinar you’ll learn:

•  The near- and long-term trends are to focus on
•  Considerations in create new and world-class experience for clients
•  Ways the Payments ecosystem is changing
•  How your company’s investments, technologies, culture, and processes need to match up
•  Some common obstacles to success with payments-related digital transformation

Sue Britton
CEO & Founder
FinTech Growth Syndicate
Stephen Miller
Senior Director Cash Management Product
Royal Bank of Canada
Bill Piggot
VP International Money Movement
Chris Lamoureux
Chief Operating Officer
Amanda Traynor
VP Sales

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