An Advisor Marketing & Website Platform, Specialized for the Financial Services Industry

Digital Agent® is a marketing cloud for regulated industries that enables financial services companies and their advisors to achieve credibility at scale. Stringent brand, compliance, and regulatory risk is reduced with Digital Agent ’s integrated compliance and archiving engine, all while reducing overhead for digital marketing efforts.

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Brand Compliant Advisor Websites

Digital Agent® by Veriday, gives advisors the marketing freedom to seamlessly grow their business and drive engagement with their clients while easily converting prospects-to clients.

Compliance & Archiving Solution

The Digital Agent® compliance and archiving solution, allows your firm to scale communications programs, reduces regulatory risk and save time during audits.

Email & Content Marketing

Digital Agent® Email, gives enterprise marketers and advisors the ability to reduce distribute emails & newsletters faster, by selecting from a library of brand compliant design templates, and pre-approved content.

An Advisor & Web Marketing Platform, Specialized for the Financial Services Industry

  • Customizable website design

  • Social media integration

  • Application and content usage analytics

  • Mobile & ADA compliant websites

  • Collect & segment your email mailing lists

  • Leverage a library of pre-approved templates

  • Distribute content in multiple languages

  • Track performance data like open, click-through and opt-out rates

  • Easy-to-use, user interface

  • Location enablement through Google Search & MOZ

  • Automated website and blog updating

  • Search engine optimization

Client-Centered Industry Content by freshFinance®

Having timely client-centered content for your site or social media is valuable to any advisor. Digital Agent® has partnered with freshFinance®, to arm advisors with fresh, new content each month.

freshFinance® delivers pre-approved, articles and videos inside Digital Agent each month on a variety of topics including;

•  Today’s News- What effects investors, the economy, etc.
•  Financial and retirement planning
•  Lifestyle articles
•  Financial concepts and products
•  Legacy and succession planning
•  Special circumstances- marriage, divorce, death
•  Advisory services
•  White papers- determined by BD, RIA, or insurance company

“Digital Agent is an innovative dynamic product that is always transforming to stay and be the best.”

Financial Advisor

As an organization, we wanted to elevate how our advisors interacted with customers. The strong collaborative team that we built with Veriday means that we will be able to continue to expand our reach because Digital Agent is always moving forward with us.”

Darren Edward

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
RBC Wealth Management

“Way better visual to see where to reject the content. It’s also faster by a long shot. The highlighted change just popped up immediately and I can see it.”

Compliance Officer

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