Embracing Accelerated Applications with Kubernetes

In this webinar, we will look at how Veriday and Entando can help you:

• Build applications on Kubernetes or other containerized applications rapidly

• Aggregate data from backend systems

• Automate business workflows

• Fast and Lean delivery of modern user experiences

Kubernetes has now gone past the early adopters phase and is entering mass adoption.

Adoption translates to a focus on DevOps for building, deploying applications to Kubernetes cluster. Companies can ease into this adoption with well-defined CI/CD pipelines for deployments to Kubernetes clusters. Moving to containers and deploying applications as services creates new challenges on how to manage hundreds of containers across on-premises data centers and the cloud.

Kubernetes is Google’s solution for managing billions of containers in production with a more resilient cluster, automatic rollbacks and updates, health checks, built-in monitoring, logging, and dashboards. Entando helps customers to rapidly build applications on Kubernetes with containerized applications, microservices and micro frontend, identity management, and out-of-the-box support for full DevOps lifecycles.

If you’re looking to build web apps on Kubernetes, aggregate data from backend systems, automate business workflows or unify the user experience, Entando helps you deliver modern experiences to your customers faster.

Paul Hinz
Nathan Shaw
Principal Director
Nick Quach
VP Technology
Sam Hyland
Technical Architect

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