The Business Case for Liferay DXP

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In this ebook we discuss:

• The Business Context

• The Solution – Digital Experience Portals

• Where does Liferay DXP Fit In?

• Can it deliver my business vision?

• Can I improve my project and ongoing maintenance productivity? Is my total cost of ownership where it needs to be?

• Output and Quality Are Higherpg

• Easy Adoptionpg

• Will it meet my future needs as well?

• Appealing to Marketing Teams, not just IT

• Business Case Numbers

• How Can Veriday Help?

Liferay recently announced a new version of Liferay, “The Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP); a Platform for the Digital Enterprise”.

With Liferay DXP, digital innovation leaders can enable every business unit in the enterprise to serve the customer consistently, by integrating deeply with business operations and building an understanding of the customer with every interaction.

Here at Veriday, we feel that Liferay’s focus on putting the customer first is in line with today’s competitive market. Today’s customer expects to have the same digital experience with traditional enterprises as they do with today’s advanced Internet retailers. Amazon and Google’s digital customer experience is your new benchmark.