Veriday Hosts UX Challenge Competition for UWaterloo MDEI Students

On March 30th, Veriday welcomed 30 students and staff from the University of Waterloo’s Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI) program. Veriday collaborated and hosted a User Experience (UX) Challenge Competition with Professor Karin Schmidlin, in which 6 teams of 4-6 students competed.

MDEI is a multi-disciplinary program that offers a unique combination of creativity, technology and business into one professional degree.  The focus of this competition was to enrich the students’ experience within the UX community by providing them with real-world challenges.

Veriday’s UX Challenge Competition presented each group with the opportunity to present solutions for real-world problems in the UX field. Throughout the process, members of the Veriday team helped facilitate the groups’ development of a solution to each challenge.

Students were able to receive valuable feedback from our judges that could help prepare them for their future careers. The judging panel included Veriday Executives: CEO, Mark Lamoureux, COO, Chris Lamoureux, VP Marketing, Valerie Jones, and Director of Finance, Jonah Cohn.

Picture of Judging Panel

The judging panel (From left to right) Chris Lamoureux, Jonah Cohn, Valerie Jones, Marc Lamoureux, with Andrew Chung


A big thank you goes out to all of the teams that participated in the UX Challenge Competition. The Veriday team was extremely impressed by all of the innovative ideas that were presented. Congratulations to all challenge participants on a job well done and to the two winning teams: Thunderclap and UXygen.

At Veriday, we are always looking for creative, collaborative and innovative individuals who fit into our company culture. It is important to us that we expand our talent search to newly graduated students and co-op students as they bring new knowledge, fresh and innovative thinking and value to our business.


Collage of Veriday UX Challenge Competition