Gartner announces Liferay as a leading portal solution for 7th year in a row

Gartner Announces Liferay as a leading portal solution for 7th year in a row

For the 7th year in a row, Gartner has ranked Liferay at the top of their list for “Critical Capabilities of Horizontal Portals.” Gartner, one of the world’s pre-emptive technology research firms, regularly releases information technology insights for IT and other business leaders. Liferay DXP, the newest version of the open-sourced engagement platform, finished near the top of their list for “Critical Capabilities for Horizontal Portals” in nearly every category.

The report scored 16 vendors according to their strengths in four portal scenarios:

  1. Partner and Supplier Portals
  2. Portals for Marketing, E-Commerce, and Support
  3. Digital Workplace
  4. Portal as a Common Architectural Framework

Liferay finished as a top-three most valuable portal in regards to partner and supplier portals, digital workplace, and as a common architectural framework. Liferay also finished just outside the top 5 as a B2C marketing, e-commerce and support portal. The results highlight how Liferay can be successfully applied to a wide variety of scenarios.

As Gartner put it:

Liferay excels in the portal as common architecture use case, and it exceeds the requirements for leading-edge customers across our other three use cases.”

Gartner found that customers regard Liferay highly for its sturdy architecture and development, the ability to integrate Liferay into various systems and how supportive it is of mobile and multichannel use cases. The community that has grown around Liferay lauds it for its use of the open-source model. Liferay gives developers the ability to customize the platform to suit their unique needs.

You can download the full Gartner report here.


With such a flexible, open-source solution it’s no surprise that Liferay scored so highly in these rankings. While proprietary solutions may be able to solve garden-variety issues, they cannot be altered for any purpose. Proprietary solutions cannot be used to create unique solutions that can be tailored to address any problem you might have.

If you think a Liferay solution might be right for your business, feel free to contact us. Veriday is one of Liferay’s leading partners with years of experience creating customer Liferay solutions.