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3 Reasons every Financial Advisor needs a Logo

Why Every Financial Advisor Needs a Logo

Logos…almost every company has one.  A company’s logo is a recognition tool for the public to link their services or products to the company.  If designed effectively, a logo can represent the unique selling proposition of a company.  As a Financial Advisor, with many competitors offering similar services, it is important to have a memorable logo that represents your Advisory Firm, and makes you stand out from the crowd. Great logos are recognizable in a blink and should also make a lasting impression.

We previously spoke about the importance of building a strong brand as a Financial Advisor.   This article will take a look at 3 ways a creative and unique logo can help your Advisor Firm succeed. 

  1. Builds trust and recognition

Some companies have been branded so effectively that individuals only need to see elements of their logo to recognize the brand. Think about McDonald’s. The golden arches are so familiar that they no longer need the text “McDonald’s” for you to recognize that the symbol represents this monstrous fast food chain.

Having a well-designed logo can help you build trust. Think about the way you would perceive a business if you were to compare the following logos:

 Digital Agent

 Digital Agent by Veriday Logo

When you have a well-designed logo, people are more likely to perceive your business as legitimate and want to do business with you. A logo that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word or Paint may result in people questioning your professionalism and how well you’re able to deliver your core services as an Advisor.

2. Attracts new clients

On a day-to-day basis, we encounter hundreds of logos. The best logos are the ones that stand out from the rest. Continuously exposing people to your logo can help build familiarity with your business. You can do this by using your logo consistently through:

  • Letterheads
  • Your website
  • Business cards
  • Your social accounts
  • Marketing materials
  • And so much more

The more recognizable your brand is to prospects, the easier it will become for you to attract new clients.

3. To build a brand identity

Cultivating a strong brand is crucial to your businesses’ success, both online and off. There is a lot that goes into building a brand and shaping how others perceive you and your business, including your logo. We are now in a day and age where people will make purchase decisions based off of emotional connections. Building a strong brand identity can help build value for your business.

Your logo should be clear and easy to read. Sometimes, organizations have more than one version of a logo depending on what it is being used for.

A few things to keep in mind when designing your logo…

Don’t cut corners

A lot of brands try to play it fast and loose with logos and aren’t willing to pay a sufficient amount for a properly designed logo. A logo is a great one-time investment because it’s with your business throughout its entire lifespan (unless you decide to rebrand).

Be detail-oriented

Sometimes, brands will make the mistake of not paying close attention to the use of their logo and how it is used. Is your logo properly sized and positioned to each piece of marketing material you use? Does the specific image you’re using look pixelated once it’s expanded?


A great logo should:  identify a brand, make it stand out and, ideally, drive customer interest and sales. If you’re interested in a consultation to see if a professionally designed logo is the right move for you, feel free to contact us.