Sortie de Liferay DXP 7.2 – Tout ce qu’il faut savoir

Chez Veriday, nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer la sortie de la nouvelle version du Liferay DXP, le DXP, 7.2 En tant que partenaire Platinum en Amérique du Nord, nous avons voulu partager quelques extraits du communiqué de presse, ainsi qu’une analyse des principaux sujets relatifs à cette mise à jour.

Appian: Lending and Payments

May 24, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Liferay: Corporate Websites

May 24, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Liferay: Empowering Customers

May 23, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Appian: Enhancing Collaboration

May 23, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Appian: Strengthening Cybersecurity

May 19, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Appian: Boosting Sales Performance

May 19, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Digital Transformation: Leveraging Liferay

May 10, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Top 7 Ways Appian Will Benefit Your Company.

May 5, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Digital Banking: The Benefits for Your Business

April 25, 2023/by Dinh Tran

Open Source vs. Closed Source Software – What’s the Difference?

April 25, 2023/by Dinh Tran

7 Predictive Maintenance Pointers for Electric Utility Asset Management

January 16, 2023/by Tyson Kingsbury

Introducing Innovation!

December 5, 2022/by Tyson Kingsbury

2022 Liferay Partner Summit

November 24, 2022/by Tyson Kingsbury

Keep Your Head in the Cloud

November 15, 2022/by Letty Wong

Maintaining Ties – Our Longstanding Partnership with Best Buy

August 11, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

Our Sustainable Technology Journey with Volkswagen

August 4, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

The Future of Wealth Owners: Invest in Women Conference Recap

July 21, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

Veriday Supporting Canada’s Digital Growth

July 14, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

Financial Advisors, Is Your Content Relevant and Will It Result in Growth?

July 12, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

June MSKO 2022

June 29, 2022/by Tyson Kingsbury

Highlighting Your Brand’s Identity for financial advisors

June 1, 2022/by Tyson Kingsbury

T3 2022

May 18, 2022/by Tyson Kingsbury

Problems with your Current Intranet

February 16, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

January 18, 2022/by Marketing @ Veriday

Custom Apps & A Non-Profit Creating A Better World

December 20, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

Top 6 Most Prominent Features For Veriday’s Digital Agent

November 9, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

How A Well-designed Agent Portal Can Drive Growth

October 27, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

The Digital Agent Migration Process

October 15, 2021/by Eric Lamoureux

Low Cost Regulatory Management Done Right

September 16, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday


September 10, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

3 Ways to Optimize Search On Your Commerce Site

September 7, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

How Manufacturing Can Benefit From Chatbots

August 17, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

Personalization and Key Consideration in B2B

June 30, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

4 Essential Ecommerce Capabilities for Modern B2B Selling

June 16, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

The Perils of Relying Solely on Your Own Content

June 10, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

Why Your Enterprise Needs Digital Agent

May 27, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

What To Expect With Machine Learning and Innovation

May 13, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

Creating The Personal Connection In Insurance With IoT

May 5, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

Here are 3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Adopt Micro Frontends

April 29, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday

Change Management for Utilities

April 28, 2021/by Marketing @ Veriday