An Agent 1st approach to Digital Experience (DX)

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The insurance industry has fallen woefully short when it comes to satisfying customer service expectations in a new normal, that is 100% remote.

The lack of digital transformation initiatives in the insurance industry is front and center, and now it’s a matter of how fast can insurers and their broker/agents can react to the demand and really handle the use of online tools, to engage with stakeholders and customers.

Insurers need to consider not just the transformation from a digital perspective, but also the business process management changes needed to successfully deliver a transformation project.

Join us for a webinar to discuss what An Agent 1st Approach to Digital Experience (DX) in insurance might look like and get ahead of the curve, because as soon as the new normal is over, customers will be demanding that insurers ramp up their digital transformation timelines.

On this webinar you’ll learn:

• How the demand for consumer self-service digital transformation has increased a similar demand from sales & service agents.

• How to evaluate your current digital transformation projects and ensure that they meet the markets current standards.

• How to plan a transformation project by assessing the needs of consumers, employees and business processes.

• How to ensure that compliance & security risks are taken into account.

Hosted By:

Amy Campbell
Assistant Vice President,
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
Brad Hosket
Principal at Hosket Ulen
Insurance Solutions
Kevin Rall
Vice President of Research & Consulting,

Moderated By:

Sharmila Wijeyakumar
Vice President,

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